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What is Test and Tag

Test and tag is the process of inspecting and testing of electrical equipment for personal safety. In Australia, this is done to AS/NZS 3760 - In-service inspection and testing of electrical equipment.

The aim of the tests are to detect faults which can not be seen during visual inspections, and determines if the appliance is electrically safe for personal use.

The process involves:

- An initial visual inspection: A visual inspection of the equipment, especially the leads. Cords must be well anchored, connections made solidly and no damaged insulation.  Plug pins should be undamaged with no discolouration evident.  If this inspection fails, then no further testing takes place.

- An electrical test: The appliance will be tested with a PAT tester, to test for any unseen electrical faults. These tests may include: insulation resistance, earth continuity, polarity test, RCD trip times, and an earth leakage test.

- Tagging: A coloured safety tag is placed on the equipment, verifying it is electrically safe/not safe for use.

- Logging: A record is made of the test, and a report is provided of all tests conducted.
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