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What can you test

There are many types of electrical equipment that can be tested.  They can be classified into:

Class 1:  Along with single insulation, these appliances use a protective earth conductor to protect the user from electric shock.  Class 1 appliances usually have exposed metal parts, eg Kettles, irons and toasters.

Class 2:  These appliances are known as double insulated, as they have no earth conductor, but can still protect you from electric shock.  Class 2 appliances are encased with non-conductive materials such as rubber or plastics, eg hair dryers, lamps and electric drills.  To find out if your appliance is a class 2, check the casing for a 'square within a square' symbol.  This mark signifies a double insulated appliance.

3 Phase:  The major difference to single phase appliances is clearly visible.  They have much larger plugs and sockets, with either 4 or 5 pins.  These are tested in the same manner as class 1, and are conducted for each phase.

RCD's:  RCD's are tested to ensure they trip within the maximum trip time.  This test is conducted twice as per the minimum requirements of AS/NZS3760:2010.  Testing of the trip button will also be conducted to ensure correct operation.

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